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Wisconsin Veterans Mortgage Program WHEDA’s VALOR in Green Bay, Wisconsin

WHEDA VALOR Veteran Mortgage Lender in Green Bay, WI

VALOR is a home loan program which stands for Veterans Affordable Loan Opportunity Rate program. Wisconsin’s Housing and Economic Development Authority (commonly referred to as WHEDA) has had the program in place since late 2015 through it’s network of participating lenders. The program is limited and mortgage funds are available on a first come, first served basis. The program offers a fixed rate mortgage which is lower than the conventional WHEDA Advantage market rate.

Veteran’s VALOR Program Eligibility

There are of course some general eligibility guidelines to qualify for these reduced mortgage rates. First of all the borrower must be a military veteran with an honorable discharge or release. Borrowers must also qualify for a WHEDA Conventional Advantage loan. The first time home buyer requirement is waived. Visit WHEDA’s website to view their tips on getting started which includes a review of income and purchase price limits as well as registration for home buyer education classes.

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WHEDA VALOR Veteran Mortgage Lender in Green Bay, WI

Think WHEDA’s VALOR program might be a good fit for you? Executive Mortgage is a WHEDA lender and can help you through the process which includes identifying the best home mortgage program you’re your situation. Contact us today to discuss the VALOR program. Interested in a VALOR Loan? Schedule a FREE consultation to speak to one of our experienced loan officers.